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The success of any business depends not only on its services but also on its customers, we at Figen help grow your customer base with our outdoor advertising services. Our outdoor advertising services include billboards, LED sign boards, flex boards, Unipoles, vehicle advertising, etc. Our Professionals do their utmost to promote your brand identity and values by creating stunning, eye-catching outdoor ads.

Our professionals are exceptionally skilled and talented at providing unique marketing strategies that help improve your brand identity. We help design splendid, customized ads that cater to the clients’ needs. Our outdoor advertising services are cost-effective and provide enhanced return-on-investment. Our creative team is very innovative and produces vivid and beautiful designs that are sure to enthral your audience.

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Outdoor Advertising Company in Chennai
Outdoor Advertising Company in Chennai

Types of outdoor advertisement services we offer

  • Billboards

    A vastly used traditional outdoor advertising method, billboards are usually set-up along heavy traffic roadways and serve as an effective means of advertisement for all the people passing by.

  • LED sign boards

    We provide LED sign board advertisements of all kinds like 3D sign boards, Boxed Sign boards, LED Front Glow Sign Board, LED SS Back Glow Sign Board, etc.

  • Metro rail branding

    Our outstanding services include metro rail branding, where we make use of the metro rail to post advertisements to reel in potential clients.

  • Flex board advertisement

    Our flex board advertising services, include designing the flex board in a creative way so as to imprint your brand name, logo and products on your customers.

  • Vehicle advertisement

    It is another popular method of marketing campaigns where advertisements are posted on vehicles which are seen by people on a regular basis.

  • Neon-Acrylic sign boards

    It is an attractive and highly eye-catching method of advertisement that is used for commercial purposes.

  • Unipole Hoarding

    A unipole hoarding is an efficient advertising form where normal or animated LED billboards are mounted on top of long steel poles.

Why go for Figen’s services

Figen is widely preferred for its branding activities all over Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We ensure your brands success by creating a brand identity that is unique to you and your business. Our professionals are highly experienced and qualified and specialize at creating outstanding marketing strategies and campaigns that help boost your brand image and rankings in the search engines.


With 15+ years of experience in the marketing field, we offer exceptional marketing solutions that are highly innovative and unique. .

Leads Generation

Our professional team is highly talented and work tirelessly to generate quality leads that increase your website’s traffic.

Expert professionals

Our professionals are extremely skilled and offer exceptional marketing and digital solutions to our clients.


We provide cost-effective and affordable services to our clients while also being highly transparent and flexible.

Custom services

We know by experience that every client wishes to have a unique identity, so we at Figen provide custom services that cater to their individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01) How much does it cost?

    The cost of putting-up any outdoor advertisement depends on the size, the location and the time till which it will be displayed.

  • 02) What is the importance of Pixel pitch?

    A pixel pitch is the measure of distance from the centre between two LED pixels usually given in millimetres. A smaller pixel pitch provides a higher resolution, usually the pixel pitch for outdoor advertisements will vary between 2mm to 20mm.

  • 03) How sturdy is your LED sign board?

    Our LED sign boards are highly resilient and are waterproof in design so that they are extremely efficient and long lasting


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