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About Figen

We’re An ROI Driven Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Figen is a dedicated and well established company based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with 15+ years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing, PR services, Web Designing and Development.
We have an excellent team of experienced professionals each of whom are knowledgeable in their specified field of PR service, Digital Marketing and Web Designing & Development. We at Figen divide our working process into 4 ways; Planning, Research, Optimization and results.

Our Web Development team consists of the most creative bunch of designers that provide quality design, on time delivery and resourceful. Our designers are up-to-date on next generation technology and specialize in providing well rounded static, dynamic and e-commerce website design and development. Our Web Design & Development team take in to consideration the clients' needs and specifications to create innovative and new mind-blowing designs for your company.
Our Digital marketing team comprises the best of the best in the field. Our main aim is to strengthen your market presence and help reach your business targets and goals. Our Digital Marketing team has worked with 100+ startups & established brands since 2005, and the bountiful experience from these social media campaigns has strengthened us as a new age Digital Marketing agency. Our experienced SEO specialists are updated on the latest tools and guarantee your company's page ranking in search engines.

FIgen's PR services rank among the best in the industry. We are the most sought after in Chennai, who provide proficient PR strategic solutions to customers' as per their needs. Our PR service team is made of highly trained professionals who have helped grow numerous businesses/agencies by gaining more leads and improving their brand values. Our expert team will help you retain your presence and grow vast against industry competition. We have been rated as the top company when it comes to establishing your presence in the digital world.

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A one-stop destination to meet all your digital needs

We at Figen help guide and support you in establishing a firm presence in the digital world. Be it a budding business or a well established one looking to expand, we at Figen offer expert solutions to take you to the next level. Our Digital marketing experts help strengthen your market presence to better reach your targets and goals. Our PR service in Chennai, is one of the most sought after to provide you with the best strategic solutions you need.

We have always kept ourselves up-to-date in the latest trends and tools in communication and public relations. We at Figen have successfully integrated traditional PV with Digital PR and have transformed ourselves into a new-age PR agency. If you are looking for agencies that offer the best in digital marketing in Chennai, then you are at the right place.

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Why should you choose us

Figen digital expressions value our clients' gratification and trust the most. Our professionals understand the need for your digital presence the most. We are considerate of your desires and specifications when wanting to expand your business to the next level. Our professionals are experienced individuals who are specialized in the field of Digital Marketing, PR service, Web Design & Development.

  • Transparent

    Transparency is an important quality to maintain a steady relation with any client. We at Figen, advocate openness and effectively communicate with our client to clarify their doubts at any stage of the process.

  • Proactive

    Being Proactive always helps us in the long run. We at Figen, are firm supporters of proactive service. We offer frequent proactive services like creating surveys, knowledge database, email newsletters, social media monitoring, etc,.

  • Affordable

    As the saying 'A penny saved is a penny earned'. We at Figen offer reasonable quotations for our services that will always fall well within your budget.

  • Flexible

    Fulfilling the customers' needs is one of our top goals. We at FIgen, know how our clients' needs vary from one person to the other. In order to meet the requirements of every client, we offer flexible services to adjust according to situations.