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Although there are some changes, many SEO techniques are the same for desktop and mobile devices. Mobile device technology and user experience have an influence on mobile SEO. By optimizing your mobile website, you'll be able to increase clicks, increase conversions, and provide your website visitors with a fantastic user experience in addition to improving your mobile search results. Select the mobile SEO packages that are most appropriate for your company.

Particularly for mobile devices, it's critical to think about your website's conversion rates and how you plan to raise them with SEO services. Because they want users to utilize their search engine to get exactly what they're looking for, Google frequently rewards websites with high interaction. So even if your mobile SEO rankings stay the same, higher engagement and conversion rates will undoubtedly have an influence on your company's bottom line. Get in touch with us for specialized mobile SEO plans & services!

Why is Mobile SEO Required?

Best practices for mobile SEO are essential. While they resemble conventional SEO recommended practices, they differ slightly from them. The primary distinction between mobile SEO and conventional SEO is where the optimization work is concentrated. More technical needs that are harder to assess and less visible than those for traditional SEO are the focus of mobile SEO packages. Page rendering, URL rendering, and mobile-specific markups are the three main components of an effective mobile SEO strategy.

  • Rendering a URL. The way a URL appears in the address bar is referred to as URL rendering. Any effective mobile SEO strategy must take URL rendering into consideration. In order to succeed with this area of mobile SEO, businesses must establish and manage their URL rendering standards using components like sitemaps, canonical tags, and internal links.
  • Rendering a page. JavaScript is a computer language that is frequently used to manage and control how pages are shown, but it can be difficult to forecast how this will affect crawling and indexing. Although Google claims that JavaScript may be crawled and is not a ranking criteria, the programming language can undoubtedly increase complexity and restrict the content's potential to rank.
  • Mobile-specific markup. Mobile-focused markup is the code or microdata, also known as schema, that aids a mobile search engine in finding a website. Any product ratings, reviews, addresses, recipes, and product information are all included in the schema. A page becomes more relevant to mobile searches and is more likely to show up in search results thanks to all of these factors.


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Keywords Targeted 5 10 15

Detail Plan...

Baseline Ranking Report
SEO for Home Page
SEO for Inner Pages 2-3 Pages 4 Pages 5 Pages
Initial Website Technical SEO Analysis Report
Page Title Optimization, meta tags
IMG Alt Tag/H1 Tag/Keyword Density Check
Onsite SEO
Directory Submission 10 20 30
Article Writing 1 1 2
Article Submission 5 5 10
Blog Writing 1 2
Blog Submission 1 2
Social Bookmarking 10 20 30
Web 2.0 Submission 5 10 15
Monthly SEO Report
Google Analytics Report
Email & Chat Support
Project Management Tool Tracking

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