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With the increase in need for branding and advertising, we at Figen have spread our roots to give all types of marketing solutions for our clients. One of which includes providing LED sign boards with our outdoor services. Our LED sign Board services include LED Box letter sign board, LED Front Glow Sign board, LED Letter sign board, LED Solid Letter Sign board and LED SS back glow sign board.

Our LED sign boards are extremely sturdy and offer high resilience in addition to offering seamless performance. These boards have high picture clarity and apart from displaying images we also provide LED sign boards with animated ads and written ads. We provide our high quality services at very reasonable quotes.

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LED sign board Company in Chennai
LED sign board Company in Chennai

Reasons to go for Figen's LED Sign board services?

  • Reliability

    Our highly durable LED sign boards are made up of high quality LED light bulbs that are long lasting, offer efficient lighting and are very energy efficient.

  • Attention catching

    Our LED sign boards are designed with the desire to be unique and to stand out. We have a creative team of designers who do their best to provide distinctive ads that are exclusive and suit your needs.

  • Night visibility

    While most billboards are able to do its work of grabbing people's attention during the day, LED sign boards have the most excellent opportunity to grab customers during the night.

  • Water-resistant

    Our LED sign boards are all designed to perfection and are water resistant in nature. Ensuring that they work perfectly well even during hazy weather.

  • Cost-effective

    Our LED sign boards are very cost-effective; we provide the highest quality services at very reasonable prices.

  • Vivid pictures

    We offer picture perfect LED sign boards that are high in clarity. They neatly display the vivid images and animations with efficient ease.

Types of Sign boards available

LED Sign board

The commonly used sign boards now-a-days are LED sign boards which have both vertical and horizontal typesetting and that display high resolution pictures and texts.

3D sign boards

3D sign boards are currently in trend where the signboards provide exceptional looking, stunning air that draws in a large number of potential customers to you.

Boxed Sign boards

A boxed sign board is a combination of the conventional sign board with an LED sign board. Generally LED lighting is applied below the normal sign board which lights up the sign board.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01)What is the importance of Pixel pitch?

    A pixel pitch is the measure of distance from the center between two LED pixels usually given in millimeters. A smaller pixel pitch provides a higher resolution, usually the pixel pitch for outdoor advertisements will vary between 2mm to 20mm.

  • 02) What cabinet type is used?

    We mainly use a sturdy steel case cabinet for outdoor LED advertising and aluminum cabinet for indoor displays.

  • 03) How much will it cost?

    The cost of setting-up a LED sign board depends on the size and type of display you want to put.


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