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Bulk Email marketing has become an important business marketing strategy to grow your business identity and image. We at Figen provide bulk email marketing through which you can reach thousands of potential customers instantly. Our bulk email marketing services also allows one to receive return emails and keep track of the marketing campaigns. In addition to monitoring the email campaigns, our software also lets you analyze the statistics of the campaign.

Email marketing is also used to notify the customers about special offers and product promotions, send OTPs, updates and emergency posts or remainders. Our professionals have created marketing tools that have advanced features and are very easy to use. One can use bulk emails to send newsletters, advertisements, promotions, etc.

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Bulk Email marketing Company in Chennai
Bulk Email marketing Company in Ch nai

Steps to create a bulk marketing campaign

  • Create a contact list

    We at Figen provide you with an admin dashboard/panel from where you can start your email campaign with ease. Through this dashboard you can update or create your contact list.

  • Create your campaign

    You can make use of the existing templates provided in the dashboard to create a professional email that conveys what you want to say to your customers.

  • Send the bulk emails

    Once the email is created you just have to simply send the email or can select a specific time to schedule your message and check the status of the email through your dashboard later.

Benefits of Bulk Email marketing


Bulk email marketing is a low budget and cost-effective marketing campaign, when compared to other marketing campaigns like PPC, influencer marketing, Google Ads marketing etc.

Easy to use templates

Our bulk email app consists of hundreds of easy to use templates with drag and drop editing options. Also, we regularly keep on adding new features and updates to your dashboard.

Personalization of mails

Your automated emails will still contain a touch of personalization when sending them to your customers.

Email Scheduling

You now have the luxury of scheduling your emails to be sent at the specific time and date you want them to be delivered at.

Data analysis

Our customized dashboard lets you analyze the email reports to see which ones have been opened, links that have been clicked, emails that bounced and those emails that have been unsubscribed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01)What is the use of Admin panel/dashboard?

    The admin dashboard/ panel can be only used by you and allows you to create and update customer details with ease. You can create and schedule emails to be sent to thousands of customers at a particular time days or months before.

  • 02) What is IP rotation?

    Our systems will provide you with an IP address that automatically rotates for each email sent. This process is called IP rotation.

  • 03) What is the need for IP rotation?

    Email service providers have limited the quantity of emails that can be sent from one static IP for an hour to protect users from spam's. Hence, if you start sending bulk emails from a single IP you will be easily detected and blocked, so in order to avoid this we distribute the emails through multiple IPs and do IP rotation.


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