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Being one of the top E-commerce developers in Chennai, we deliver impeccable and effective e-commerce solutions to our clients. Having an experience of 15+ years in the field, we at Figen, value the growth and success of client's the most. Our expertly trained developers know what the clients are looking for and help create visually stunning and interactive user friendly e-commerce websites.

Our skilled developers specialize in creating well-rounded and responsive websites that are compatible with various operating systems. In addition, our development team provides custom e-commerce services, while our SEO team works in line with our developers to boost the page rankings. We also offer services for PPE, Specific lead generation, SEO, Social media promoting, digital marketing, etc,. We help you grow and expand globally at a steady pace to achieve your business goals and targets. So sign up now, or call us to get started.

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What makes us the best?

  • Experience in the industry

    With 15+ years of experience in the industry, Figen Web Designers in Chennai is a highly sought after company to fulfill your digital needs.

  • Customization

    Our developers understand the need for uniqueness; they work closely with the client's to grasp their ideas and vision to customize their site as per their specifications.

  • Best UI and UX Design

    Any website that is said to be functional, easy to navigate, reliable and user friendly is said to provide a good UX (user experience). A UX develops a sense of delight for the customer's that makes them shop more.

  • Ease of Navigation and functionality

    Our designers clearly know the line that separates a functional website from a dysfunctional one. We provide simplistic yet sophisticated easy to navigate websites.

  • Mobile friendly

    Be it a Desktop or mobile, all websites created have a responsive layout that it to adjust according to different screen sizes.

  • Periodic Website Maintenance

    The long time run of your website is possible only by regular maintenance and upgrading. We at Figen, help ease your burden by doing periodic maintenance and updates.

Learn more about the different types of E-commerce business models available


B2B model is a widely popular e-commerce business model, where one business serves the other business by selling their products or offering their services. The selling and buying strictly occurs between two businesses.


In this type of business model, a business directly serves the customers by selling their products or offering their products. In this type of model, business owners sell their products without the help of retailers or wholesalers.


C2B e-commerce development model allows for individual customers to sell/offer their products services to large organizations or businesses. Most often, this type of model deals with individuals offering services like paid testimonials, referral programs, data sharing and freelancing to businesses.


This type of e-commerce development model refers to dealings made between a business organization and a public administration. Most of the deal involves electronic transactions and software maintenance services from the organizations to the public administration.


This model is similar to B2A E-commerce development. The only difference between the two is that the transaction occurs between an individual customer and public administration. This model also helps the customers post questions and request information directly to the local government body.

Let your business soar to great heights and spread globally

We at Figen, help drive more traffic to your website by improving your page ranking. Our expert team of SEO strategists offers excellent SEO consultations that boost your website placing among the search engines. Product branding is important for any business that is aiming to go global, that is why we offer brand design services. We are preferred by most of our client's because of our affordable services that fall within the budget and also our penchant for custom services which the clients love.

Our E-commerce developers in Chennai, give their utmost by providing aesthetic and engaging user interface. They create functional websites that are SEO optimized, interactive, easy to access, responsive and very unique to you. When you want to expand your business, then getting the best e-commerce website is a must. An e-commerce website lets you grow globally by making your product reach a diverse range of customers.

Some of the frameworks and platforms we use


Breaking all confines, WooCommerce is a completely customizable platform widely preferred by entrepreneurs. It is an open source plug-in built on WordPress that adds to its functionality.


Magneto is an open source E-commerce platform that allows one to provide an engaging shopping experience to customers by creating unique and flexible websites.


If you are looking to create a reliable and functional site for online merchants, then OpenCart is the one for you. It is an open source platform that offers extensive customization and features.


BigCommerce is a special platform that provides for online store creation, SEO, website hosting along with marketing and security. It is a NASDAQ-listed ecommerce platform.


This E-commerce platform provides a complete bundle to develop your website. We make use of this platform to help sell your products by making use of Facebook and Instagram.


A diverse E-commerce platform that offers flawless features to help start your e-commerce website. It offers 100+ free themes and has an AI driven fraud protection feature.


Volusion is a cloud based e-commerce platform that aids in the management of your online store through the help of mobile applications.


Prestashop is another open source e-commerce platform that has 600+ special features to help manage your product catelogue and online store.

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