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Google Ads Marketing Company in Chennai
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Get your business be noted by the world with Figen Google Ads marketing

In the current digital world where many businesses are cropping up every second, maintaining one's business among the top ranks is getting more competitive. We at Figen, help secure your business ranking by making use of various marketing strategies like SMM, SEO, Google Ads, Digital marketing, content, etc. We make use of Google Adwords packages to help manage your brand campaign and gain the attention of potential clients.

Figen Google Ads marketing in Chennai specializes in paid search advertising which plays a greater impact in expanding your brand exposure and reach. Through Google Ads marketing, you can now improve the organic traffic to your website. Our other expert services also include retargeting and remarketing, media buying and Google products listing. We help optimize your brand value and offer the best ROI service with our marketing expertise.

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Google Ads Marketing Company in Chennai
Google Ads Marketing Company in Chennai

Services we offer

  • PPC

    Pay per click is a main Google Ads marketing strategy that involves posting ads online where they are charged only when a user clicks on them.

  • Traffic analysis

    We offer web traffic analysis where the key data points of a particular website are collected and interpreted to help understand and grasp the popular trends.

  • Ad testing

    Ad testing works by doing campaigning drafts and experiments to analyze whether the proposed changes done to your website will help boost the business goals.

  • Remarketing and retargeting

    Retargeting and remarketing allows us to target valuable potential customers who have visited your site previously or have shown an interest in your products or services.

  • Display Advertisement

    We help optimize your brand identity by making use of display marketing strategies to attract potential customers through a website or social media platform.

  • Video Marketing

    It is an integral part of marketing strategy, where we create an engaging video for you campaign that aims to build a customer rapport and help promote your brands, services and products.

Why choose Figen Google Ads Marketing

There are n-number of reasons for why you should choose Figen as your digital marketing partner, some of which are listed below.

We have reigned at the top in digital marketing for the past decade with a whooping experience of 15+ years. .

Leads Generation

Our marketing team is very efficient in increasing the website's traffic and generating more quality leads by making use of various marketing strategies.

SEO friendly

We know the importance of powerful and engaging content, our SEO team is very experienced at creating quality SEO friendly content to boost your web page ranking.


We are extremely conscious in following marketing ethics and highly advocate the use of ethical marketing principles providing transparency in our services.

Qualified professionals

We have the best skilled professionals working at Figen, who are very knowledgeable and have great expertise in the field of digital marketing, web design and development and PR services.

Flexible services

We at Figen, are very flexible in our services, so as to properly accommodate our client's specifications and desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01) What is Google Ads?

    Google Ads is an online advertising platform that offers marketing solutions for businesses to promote their services and products on Youtube, Google search and many other sites across the internet.

  • 02) What types of Google Ads are available?

    There are 3 basis Google Ads available

    • Search network campaigns, these are text form advertisements that appear on Google search pages when any one searches for products or services similar to yours
    • Display Network campaigns, these advertisements are usually in the form of images, which appears on the websites or applications that are visited by your customers)
    • Video campaigns, this type of advertising consists of playing an ad video for 5 to 15 seconds on the YouTube channel.

  • 03) How much does a Google Ads cost?

    The cost of running Google Ads is pretty much dependent on your budget. There is no minimum requirement to run Google Ads as you are only charged when the users click or interact with your ads.


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